The Zanelekalha'an (ˈzɑ nɛ lɛk ˌɑl h̃ɑ ˌʔɑn) is a royal history of the world according to the people of the Ushanghali Empire. It is the first Peroatlan world history, and focuses mainly on the time leading up to and during the height of the Empire. It was written in abt. -3215, shortly after the commonly referenced fall of the empire by a scholar named simply Uk. At the time of writing, Uk is still referring to the various successors of the empire as the empire collectively, as the empire was not believed to have fallen by contemporary standards until the Perothan sack of Ushaora in abt. -3095.

Uk's history is characterized by the cultural Peroatlan view of the world and later histories, though heavy in references, fail to use the same rhetoric to describe events as these early scholars.

Translated Text Edit

The World and Creation Edit

The Histories of the world in it's vast reaches begins with the creation. Omaross in power was alone and created the Godesses for himself. In harmony, they combined the air, earth, water, and fire to create the world as it is in our time. As is well known, humans came about through the jealousy of the Godesses, who wanted their own companions, and a balance was struck between the wrath of Omaross and the protection of the Godesses.

Though the creation is a much longer story, I leave the telling to the Priests of Volc- of whom it is the responsibility.

The ancestor of our people, Pero, for whom Peroth is named came to this land and pitched his tent, having followed the Trade Star until he found a lush open valley, that is the Perotis River valley. He grew a crop of barley and the Goddesses blessed him with a tenfold yield. This was three thousand years before the Priests of Zanomaroshtexe built the Omarosh Temple on Volc, or so say their history keepers.

Now Pero had taken 3 wives, the daughters of the Goddesses, and he laid with them and was fruitful. To him 26 male children were born and many others, which came to populate each of the First Cities.

The First Cities of our people were, in the north coast- Peroth, Foshoamlha, Zoross, and Nenalha; In the south coast- Zelhigo, Caroth, Sumamlha, and Imiralha; in Zanatal- Imishalha, Diramlha, and Corelha; and elsewhere- Nalakalha, and Sunamlha. Pero and his descendants inhabited these cities, each was founded by one of the Thirteen Clans, who take their name from the city they inhabit. Each of the Thirteen were founded by a pair of Pero's sons, each with their families.

Guided by Ushassi they sailed,

Sustained by Iminara they traveled

Like roots growing from a seed

Ekalora planted them in their intended place

So that Omaross could not destroy them