Zanarok (b. -3465 d. -3380) was the eldest son of Ushanghal, Elek of Ushaora and Zanelek of the Ushanghalin Empire from -3431 until his death in -3380.

Early Life Edit

Zanarok was born in -3465 in Ushaora, Ushanghal's young capital city to Zanilek Zzorailek ("Empress Queen of Earth"- her given name has been lost). He was left in the city under the protection of the Kaelek of Zelhigo when Ushanghal sailed on his expedition to Zanatal and the Naklab Peninsula, where his brother Solanghal was born. Ushanghal returned in -3454 to Ushaora with the Zanilek and young Solanghal to a thriving young Zanarok, who had been taught the basics of sword and spear fighting and even the beginnings of Peroatlan writing, which was a cutting edge technology in the region. It is believed Zanarok and his brothers were some of the first Peroatlan children to learn to write at a young age. It would serve Zanarok in administration later in life.

Zanarok traveled with his father and their forces to Peroth in -3451, where he remained until -3448, when his third brother Porudash was born. In -3446, Zanarok and his brothers were sent back to Ushaora with the Zanilek where Zanarok was crowned Zanelekpiin (High Prince) and began his formal role settling court disputes and making appearances on his father's behalf during his expedition to Retcalha.

Succession and Inheritance Edit

Not much is known of Zanarok's young adulthood (-3444 to -3431), though a few clerical records mention Zanelekpin at particular ceremonies and in one instance leading an army against Siwesin raiders.

In -3431, Ushanghal grew ill and it became clear that he would soon die. Never before in Peroatlan culture had so much territory been the subject of inheritance, and never before had one with the title Zanelek died. As Zanelekpin, Zanarok was entitled to the primary titles, but his two brothers were princes in their own right. With rumors swirling in court about dissent if Zanarok were to claim sole rule, he worried about rebellion in the far flung conquests of his father.

Zanarok devised a clever plan to win popularity with the masses, soothe the nobles, and maintain his power upon his ascension. When Ushanghal died, Zanarok accepted the coronation of Zanelek in its entirety, but immediately decreed that his brothers would become Elekan of Atalha and Peroth, while he would remain Elek of Ushaora, and Zanelek over all. To the people this was shown as benevolent and generous, while both his brothers and the nobles were satisfied with the decentralization. In all, the move strengthened the hold of Peroatlan territory, which would have been nearly impossible to govern from a single throne in that era.

Rule in Ushaora Edit

Zanarok oversaw construction of the Temple of Omarosh-Zanelek in Ushaora, which came to serve as the Imperial holy site and represented the authority of the empire.