Vulc ('vulk Atlan) Voul('vo ʊl Knanakh) Volc('vɔlk Fezhoing)- is a relatively small (about 70 square miles), volcanic island situated near the southwest corner of the Atlan Sea. It was originally settled by Peroatlan colonists, but throughout history changed hands many times, including an independent state until the recent annexation by Chezhoi in 6186.

Religious Importance Edit

Vulc is home to the largest volcano in the Atlan Sea region: Zanomara. Volcanic activity was believed by Peroatlans to be a sign of Omaross, the creator-god, and any volcano became a place of reverence in which to convene with Omaross directly. This is seen as the main reason colonists first settled here in around -4250 and built a settlement named Omaross, eventually constructing a temple there to the god. The settlement still exists today as the city of Marison, one of only two significant cities on the island.

The island became a site of pilgrimage, with many significant figures paying homage at the temple there. Ushanghal was ceremoniously ordained as Zanelek on the island, and several Atlan and Perothan emperors visited to convene and be empowered by Omaross there as well.