Uzora (u ˈzɔ ra Thekhan; Ushaora- ˌu ʃɑ ˈo rɑ Proto-Peroatlan; Usaora- ˌu sɑ ˈo rɑ Atlan) is a major city on the southeastern coast of the Perocadh Peninsula which has an ancient and rich history as part of a number of major empires and nations.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Originally founded by Ushanghal in -3469, Ushaora was set up as Ushanghal's capital since it sat in a more central location for Peroatlans versus Ushanghal's homeland along the Caratis River. Having recently been crowned Zanelek and confirmed as divinely appointed on Vulc, Ushaora quickly became a site of veneration for the gods as well as the Zanelek.

Some of the first major temples on the Perocadh Peninsula were built here as sites of pilgrimage which soon rivaled Vulc itself. Ushanghal's Empire was a society founded on prestige and adventure, and Ushaora grew quickly with a large influx of warriors, traders and adventurers. By Ushanghal's death, Ushaora rivaled Peroth in size with more than 50,000 residents. Ushaora passed to Ushanghal's oldest son, Zanarok, as part of the triumvirate rule of the empire. Though there were three designated Elekalha'an (King-Seats), Ushaora was still viewed as the greatest of the three and served as the capital.

The Ushaoran Kingdom Edit

Under Zanarok and his descendants, Ushanghal's empire continued to fracture and by -3250 Peroth, Zanatal, and Ushaora were more or less independent allies. Ushaora held a religious and traditional influence, so eventually the rulers of the city resumed airs that they were the true Zanelek. Occasionally this projection of influence held and Ushaora gained power and wealth from its neighbors. However, many times these requests fell on deaf ears and resentment began to grow between the three successor states.

Ushaora continued to struggle with raids along the Caratis River from Feshan warlords. an occasionally the city came under attack, though the Feshan raiders were never able to breach the city walls before being pushed back. In -3240, Peroth and Zanatal both refused to aid against one of these raids, and Ushanghal-alha, the birthplace of Ushanghal was taken.

As a result, Ushaora looked to expand influence among the Peroatlan cities by slowly assimilating southern Perothan towns and landmarks into their rule., claiming it as a sovereign right as the capital of Ushanghal's Empire. This angered the Perothans, sparking the Great Ushaora War in -3101. In -3095, the Perothans captured and sacked Ushaora, destroying the Zanelek Temple and burning the Elek's palance to the ground. All relics and wealth the army could loot was carried off to Peroth, which would soon become the new center of Peroatlan influence and power.

Peroth and Atlass Edit

Peroth maintained control of the city after the war, and thought much of the city's importance was stripped by the war, it still was a major thoroughfare for traders, farmers and messengers.