The Third Imperial Age was a period of history on Kakhor and Zointh in which a series of empires ruled a large proportion of inhabited land and rose up during the decline of the empires of the Second Imperial Age.

Empires Edit

Atlass Empire

Gegantaholas Empire

Roorthaultah Empire

Rivv Russ Empire

Historical Impacts Edit

The Third Imperial Age brought the height of Classical Era innovation, power, and affluence prior to the Upheaval and the massive destruction brought by the Cadh War. This period is often romanticised by later historians and cultures as a period of prosperity and technological advancement far beyond previous periods.

The Third Empires were the largest and most powerful nations ever to exist on Doara until the Fifth Imperial Age- with only four empires owning over two thirds of all of the land on Kakhor and Zointh. Trade was once again a mojor influence of these empires, and by the height of the age, goods from Rivv Russ would be traded through Atlan hands all the way to Gegantaholas and eventually Roorthaultah and vice-versa.

Gegantaholas, the largest single land empire to ever reign conquered nearly half of all land on Zointh. Atlass was able to colonize all corners of the Atlan Sea, send expeditions to Zointh, and colonize as far as Maggard and even southern Neckt. Roorthaultah united the entire northern plain of Zointh, for the first time bringing civilized rule over the many tribes there. Rivv Russ was the culmination of the Russ Culture, pushing the boundairies of agricultural society east into the southern forests of Kakhor.

It is viewed that the sudden decline of these empires and the resulting Upheaval to follow was another breaking point in the growth of human society, in which large, despotic empires were becoming unable to contain the growing clamor for societal classes and more regional governments-- something which eventually led to the Kingdoms Age and the much smaller influence of the Fourth Imperial Age.