Thakharog ('ða ɦa rɔg Thekhan) Tacarok ('ta ka rok Atlan) is a city near the eastern tip of the Perocadh Peninsula which was founded by the fleeing remnants of the Atlan fleet who had failed to relieve the emperor Isaretu who was under seige in Ataya in -1. The name of the city comes from the Atlan for "broken heart" - so named because the marines who settled there had lost their home in the Izass Archipelago as well as their emperor. With nowhere to go, the sailors broke down their ships and used the wood to construct a town on the northern coast of the Perocadh Peninsula, about 5 miles from the cape.

Thekha was the owner of the territory at the time, having been given all Atlan holdings in the Peninsula in -52, but were bogged down in a losing war with the Cadh Empire. The town was able to exist in peace for generations, since a large portion of the Thekhan population were originally Atlan citizens.

Over time, the city, along with the population, became more Thekhanized, and the pronunciation of the name became Thakharog. The city still exists, though remnants of the original wood buildings are long gone.