The Second Imperial Age was a period of history on Kakhor and Zointh in which a series of empires ruled a large proportion of inhabited land and rose up during the decline of the empires of the First Imperial Age.

Empires Edit

Peroth Empire

Fezhachez Empire

Gegana Empire

Yaldoorg Empire (City States)

Maggard Empire

Parseti Empire

Historical Impacts Edit

Coming out of the decline of the First Imperial Age, the empires of the Second Imperial Age were more widespread, militaristic and complete- being able to maintain relatively complete control over their territories rather than the nominal vassal/overlord relationship of the first empires. In all but the case of Peroth, these empires rose from previously less advanced cultures, who now stepped into the forefront-- filling the power vacuum left behind by their predecessors.

Trade was a major driver of these empires' expansions, as states were now in contact via far flung trade routes stretching from northwestern Zointh to the Naklab Peninsula. Empires like Peroth, Fezhachez and Maggard conquered states in the hopes of monopolizing the trade through their own territory, sometimes abandoning previous conquests in pursuit of the flow of trade. Gegana was perhaps the only exception to this methodology, citing a more religious call to conquer the world than a search for trade wealth.

The Second Imperial Age seemed to break the back of the single city government; now most states were based on geographical borders or cultural divides. The reasons for the decline of these empires varies, but most of them fell out of imperial power around the same time, during the immediate rise of the Third Imperial Age.