Redcan ('red kan) is an ethnic group of Peroatlan origin that centered around the ancient colony of Retcalha and the sect of people that came to live in the region surrounding the city and the Bay of Redcah. The group diverged from the Proto-Peroatlan group shortly after the height of the Ushanghali Empire.

an outlier of the Peroatlan culture, Redcans were often bilingual and interacted with other cultures on an almost daily basis. They became a facilitator for both the East-West trade in and out of the Perocadh Peninsula and the North-South trade from the Mazedian Sea into the heart of Kakhor.

Because of their position in a major confluence of people from distant lands, Redcan culture grew unique and diverse through the classical era. Under the rule of Ushanghal, Peroth, and Atlass, Redcans were easily recognized as different from their ethnic brothers. The culmination of this cultural heritage was the brief independence of the state of Redcah (-248 to -15) following the withdrawal of Atlass from the western Perocadh Peninsula.

With the rapid expansion of the Cadh Empire leading up to the Cadh War, Redcah was captured after a brief invasion in -15. Redcan people were specifically sought after by the Cadhs to man their fleets in the Mazedian Sea. The length and destruction of the war led to the death of nearly half of the Redcan people, either through military service, slavery, or starvation (foreign cultures were the last to recieve food and supply rations in the swelling empire).

At the end of the war, the victorious Thekhans flocked west into Redcah, hoping to capitalize on the economic explosion of the new peace. This gradually spelled an end for the Redcan ethnicity, and by around 500, they had assimilated entirely into the Thekhan Khanakh group.