Omabeximan (The Scriptures) is the holy text of Peroatlan Polytheism, also known as Zanomateke. The earliest written versions of which were from the Ushanghalin Empire, and the oldest surviving manuscripts are from the Temple of Ushassi, dated to around -2750.

Text Edit

Original Proto-Peroatlan Edit

a poazemax doloraoshim, Omaross po loneadopavi. dopavi po tifu ot nun po esae ut. Rokomarossan po efisu, ot te po dep:

"i pa efisu, ot rokina pa loneadopavi.

Translated Text Edit

In the Beginning of our world, Omaross was alone in the Universe. The Universe was empty, and nothing moved in it. The Heart of Omaross was sad, and he said: "I am saddened, and my heard it alone in the Universe. I will make for myself companions, so that I am no longer alone." So Omaross created three companions for himself; the Goddesses, Ushassi, Iminara, and Ekalora. They were made of Spirit and Power.

"We are thankful you have made us, great Omaross," said the Goddesses, "But the Universe is empty, and nothing moves in it. Let us create things of substance, elements, and matter so that we can enjoy our existence."

"Is My presence not enough for your enjoyment, my companions?" said Omaross in frustration; but deeply in love with his creations he relented, saying, "But because you have willed it, and I love you deeply, I will create for you things of substance, elements, and matter." And so Omaross created first the sun. giving it a great light and filling it with his holy fire and heat. Next he made the stars and celestial bodies, adorned in their own lights, so that the sun would not be alone in the heavens. Then he created the two moons, that a lesser light would cool in the night when the sun was not visible.

When these were created, the Goddesses said together "Let us add to our master's creation, as we are a part of him in spirit, let us also be a part of him in substance." And so the great elements were made, forming our world. To Omaross was given Fire, lightning, and the liquid fire burning under the earth. To Ushassi was given Water, the seas and oceans, rain, and ice. To Iminara was given Air, the winds, storms, and unseen forces of the world. To Ekalora was given Earth, soil, rock, and metal.

Omaross's Fire at the center keep it warm and fertile,

Ushassi's Water forming rivers, lakes and seas

Iminara's Air above to house the sky and the great winds

Ekalora's Earth to lay a foundation for the mountains and hills

Together the Four made the one world and we are thankful

The Creation of Living Things Edit

The Godesses saw that Omaross had made for them a world of substance to enjoy, and they praised him for it was a good creation. Now Omaross was deeply in love with the Godesses, but the Godesses were in love with the world that