The Kingdoms Age was an era of history on Kakhor and Zointh occurring after the Upheaval and the Cadh War drastically changed the political and societal climate of the two continents. The period was dominated by regional, feudal governments and republics, with little focus on external conquest and imperialism. In fact, most attempts at imperial conquest in this time were aggressively put down by a variety of states.

Prominent States Edit

  • Chezhoi
  • Thekkha
  • Kingdom of Magg
  • Yawetag
  • Parissa
  • Kalpitor
  • Rorogg

Historical Impacts Edit

The Kingdoms Age was defined by a universal hatred of Empire. Cultures were divided along more regional and strict ethnic lines- each pledging to their own lord or king. Wars in this period usually involved a league of allies helping to prevent a disruption in the status quo, as memories of the Upheaval led to deep rooted fear of war for conquest.

Because outward ambition was faltering, both technological advancements and cultural expansion and movement was stunted- rooting ethnicities in place and stagnating city growth. Society grew more rural and long distance trade dwindled. A few states, almost all at the head of their own regional web of allies, projected influence diplomatically over other regions, hoping to gain military support, tribute, and control by means other than war. Most notably, Chezhoi, Thekha, Kalpitor and The Kingdom of Magg, were substantially more powerful than their neighbors by weighing diplomatic allies and tributaries against their enemies.

These growing spheres of influence began to collide and overlap, eventually leading to a race for consolidation of power which led to the start of the Fourth Imperial Age and the bout of massive wars that followed.