The First Imperial Age was a period of history on the continents of Kakhor and Zointh between (-3500 to -2750) which gave rise to the first empires to rule on a vast scale amongst agricultural society. The period is considered to end with the fall of the empires included in the age.

Empires Edit

Ushanghali Empire

Dhecodhor Empire

Calixpha Empire

Nitalii Empire

Historical Impacts Edit

The First Imperial Age was formally the first era of history to feature imperial governments, known as the first empires (though the governing systems themselves varied among these states), which actively used military and diplomatic force to conquer large swaths of territory, both among their own ethnicities and in foreign lands.

Before this period, most states were considered single city governments, or conglomerations of local tribes, which independently defended, traded, farmed, and interacted with and from neighboring cities. Rarely had cities united under a single leader before this time, since the relatively small number of total cities were focused on internal growth and defence than foriegn affairs.

The fact that multiple empires first arose at a very similar point in history seems to correlate to a breaking point in the process of early city development, in which influential city rulers looked to deliberately expand their influence over their neighbors, hoping to gain more resources, strategic locations, or innovations from their neighbors.

These early conquests were what eventually snowballed into several large and significantly powerful states which changed the way in which war was waged and states engaged in diplomacy; paving the way for all imperial ages to follow (a cycle which seems to repeat itself through the history of Doara).

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