The history of Doara is commonly divided into particular eras, and though these often don't completely delineate one phase of history to another, they more concisely represent the general status of history in that period. Note: Kakhor and Zointh share most of their historic periods due to interaction between the two continents, while Neckt and Jimbh have their own periodic history until the more globalized world came into play.

Kakhor - Zointh Edit

pre -5000 the Nomadic era (Pre-Agriculture)

-5000 to -3500 the City State Age

-3500 to -2750 the First Imperial Age

-2750 to -1500 the Second Imperial Age

-1500 to -1 the Third Imperial Age

1 to 105 The Upheaval

105 to 1200 the Kingdoms Age

1200 to 1575 the Fourth Imperial Age

1575 to 1800 the Exploration Age

1800 to 3200 the Colonization Age

3200 to 3850 the Fifth Imperial Age (The Global Imperial Age)

3850 to 4200 the Liberation Age

4200 to 5000 the Modern/Industrial Age

Neckt Edit

pre -2200 the Nomadic era (Pre-Agriculture)

-2200 to -1800 the First Powers

-1800 to -600 the Second Powers

-600 to 1200 Classical Era