Eraperan (Atlan - "Sky Folk", Dodepi - Araperan, Dnalak - dlimadnak "The ones who fly", etc...) are a race of intelligent beings related to birds that are native to Doaran highland forest and mountain climate zones. They have a complex, civilized society including agriculture, metalworking, government, language, and art. Technologically, they have been at an equal if not higher level of advancement than humans through most of history, with their recorded history beginning about 4000 years before humans, in around -9000.

Biology Edit

An adult Eraper is a little larger than a terrestrial Bald Eagle about (42 to 48 inches tall), but bird-like in almost every way- feathered, with a beak, hollow bones and advanced eyesight with large wings for forearms and talons for legs. Different than terrestrial birds are more manipulator digits, with a three fingered "hand" at the front of each wing and five-toed feet, three with talon like claws and two without claws capable of grasping.

Their beaks are not hooked like an eagle but more like a crow or jay, dark brown and straight for pecking at nuts and live prey. Males and females are divergent in coloring, with males anywhere from green to red with white breast and blue wing-tips, and females are light grey with blue breast and wing-tips. Both males and females have a small tuft of feathers on their heads- many Eraperan dye these for cultural reasons.

Their diet is mostly agriculturally raised fruits and nuts as well as smaller tree and ground animals for meat (these have been domesticated over time and used to manage the orchards from pests.

Territory Edit

Eraperan are able to fly long distances, so contiguous territory is only required for farming and hunting. Settlements are based around sheltered mountain and highland valleys and canyons, with the biggest cities damming and walling off entire valleys. They have large enclaves in the Sazeyek mountains near Yawetag, in the central Perocadh Mountains north of Chezhoi, the B'andalig on Jimmbh and throughout the Gemonste mountains on Zointh. Smaller groups live or temporarily reside in most other mountain ranges around the globe.

Interaction with Humans Edit

In early human history, Eraperan rarely met or interacted with a human, as human society began in lowland river-valleys and coastal areas , though the occasional run in would occur. Some of the earliest records of peoples near Eraper habitats reference the birds, viewing them as god-like and mysterious, having advanced technology and a strange whistling and clicking language. Over time, it became valuable to trade between the two species, and with much effort Eraperan learned to speak human language on a rudimentary basis (similar to crows and parrots on earth, but with human-like intelligence).