Dnalak (n̊ǃnɑlɑk) is a conglomeration of ethnic groups which center around the Naklab Peninsula. It is believed that the early Dnalak people migrated from the eastern Perocadh Peninsula prior to the filling of the Atlan Sea after the Great Cold Era. For a time, the Dnalak were thought to have arrived from the region now occupied by Tocsazi people, but evidence now suggests that the Dnalak have lived in the Naklab Peninsula for millenia, and in fact repelled a number of early Tocsazi migrations.

Early Hsitory Edit

The Dnalak, prior to the city state era were primarily herders of animals. The mountainous peninsula had little agricultural land- though some of the equatorial northern coastal plain eventually served as a breadbasket for the entire region due to its silty, mountain groundwater and soil. Although they were known as fierce warriors, the Dnalak were often preoccupied with internal conflict and failed to unite as a people until the -2400s.

Historically, the Dnalak rarely traded with the Tocsazi peoples to the south, each viewing the other as savages not worthy of relations. However, as early as the -3800s, Peroatlan trade boats from Zanatal and later from the Perocadh Peninsula began steady trade with the coastal tribes. By -3550, Atlan settlers had set up a number of trade colonies along the northwestern coastline of the Naklab Peninsula. These Atlans were the only ethnic Peroatlans Ushanghal failed to conquer during his rise to power in the -3400s, after his expedition was blown off course and had to turn back.

From this point until the Kingdoms Era, Dnalak people ebbed and flowed in prominence under the influence of Peroatlan empires.