Calixpha (ka 'lIks fa) was an ancient empire on Zointh which ruled much of the south-central portion of the continent from about -3830 until -2575. The empire was at its height the most advanced and powerful force on Zointh- ensuring that agricultural society was cemented as the dominant force in southern Zointh.

Origins Edit

Calixpha's early history is not directly recorded, as writing was not developed until around -3550, but oral tradition preserved a rather detailed view at the growth and expansion of the ancient empire. It is believed that Calixpha united as a congolmeration of cities hoping to defend against the vast numbers of nomadic tribes who were raiding and threatening to destroy the fledgling agricultural settlements of the southern hill country. The first emperor recorded was named Calix (though some view him as a mythical creation) and the capital city and empire itself was named after him.

Early Calixpha centered around the Coripina River Valley, which runs east from the Gemonsti Mountains through the low hills before turning sharply south and draining into the Kanath Sea near Tselteropko. Calix led the army he mustered against the nomads south to secure the remainder of the river valley and a port city on the coast. From here, the next few emperors gradually expanded their hold on the surrounding land- quickly becoming dominant in the region and developing a system of writing centered around syllabic runes.

Recorded History Edit

Calixpha continued to expand, organized and united by their writing, and by -3280 had secured all land south of the Coripina river east of the mountain foothills. Their expansion in the south led to displacement of ethnic Gegana people to the west and Khanakh people to the east, who began to migrate away from the Calixphan zone of control. These migrations led to the eventual Gegana homeland in southwest Zointh, and the gradual expansion of the Khanakh people into Jekhuu, Mazed, and later Thekha.