The administration under The Atlass Empire was a complex organization with multiple tiers and flexible management of allied, conquered, and homeland territories. The structure was one of the main reasons the empire lasted for 2000 years and had a sphere of influence thousands of miles across.

Ranks Edit

Governance Edit

Sanelik - Emperor- the ultimate ruler and military leader of the empire

Sanelikpin - Great Prince, "One who will be emperor" - the of-age heir to the throne and second in command

Elik - King - Large region ruler or provincial governor. Responsible for most affairs within the region and commander of garrison troops as a whole, but not in command of standing armies or fleets

Peranelik - People-King - An elected position selected from provincial natives who answers do the Elk, but gives voice to the people. This position was left over from the Atlan Republic but helped public order

Kalik - Count/Earl - Regional administrator who answers to the Elik and usually administers one to four cities. They are most responsible for taxes and industry.

Damik - Mayor/Baron - City administrator responsible for keeping the peace and Peranelik elections.

Societal Edit

LunakSanelikim - Royal Family - Even extended family of the Emperor were considered highly noble and the highest rank of society

Perelikiman - Nobles, literally King's people - The members and families of the governing class

Radinikan - Military Commanders/Officers - High Ranking officers in the armies and garrison forces held some jurisdiction in their own right

Dofinan - Landowners (from the Proto-Peroatlan "Founders") - The upper class and lesser noble families. These were usually the pool of candidates for the Peranelik

Damperan - Citizens/ Freemen - The recognized blood or legitimized citizens of the empire at large. Most are heartland city dwellers

Makuinan - Workers/Servants - Lower class of Atlan ethnic society, usually employed by Dofinan or Perelikiman for hard labor or farming. Distinguished from foreign laborers.

Afuiman - Outsiders/Foriegners - Any outside culture or non-assimilated conquered people. Distinguished between Afuimina (Allies) and regular Afuiman

Military Edit

Atlan forces - Radinosan - usually traveled in numbers of around 4000 men including auxiliaries, in which 3000 were infantrymen, 500 were cavalry, and the remaining 500 were officers, archers, and engineers. Each force was broken into several groups. the Infantry was divided first into 3 Radinetalan- divisions of 1000, which each consisted of 10 Radinekan of 100 men, which were further divided into 5 Lunakan of 20 men each

Sanelik - Emperor - first in command of all military forces and direct commander of all Radinikan.

Elik - King - second in command and direct commander over all regional garrison Radinikan (but not all military)

Radinik - Commander/ "War-Leader" - The direct commander of a segment of military forces, usually an army or group of armies. Occasionally, army group leaders were designated as Sanradinik for those Radinikan leading entire campaigns

Motunalin - First Rider/Lieutenant - Second in Command of a force, whether an army or a garrison

Nalinik - Head Rider - Leader over the Nalinek, or cavalry forces in an army- a trusted command given control of key battle operations

Moturadin - First Soldier/Captain - Entrusted with Infantry command over a Radinetal, a division of 1000 men and designated auxiliaries

Omaradin - High Officer - Leading direct unit officer, over a Radinek, a group of 100 radinan (soldiers)

Vunin - "Mountain Man"/Standard Bearer - A valuable position responsible for communication between units and inspiration for their unit

Sanradin - Officer - Leader of a platoon of 20 men, or Lunak

Provincial Management Edit

Atlass was divided up into Provinces- Elikayan, Regions- Kalikayan, and Cities- Daman, respectively. At it's height around -900, the empire had over 25 Elikayan and 120 official Daman within it's grasp, excluding Military zones and Vassals. They are listed by region below.

Zanatal Edit

  • Elikaya of Ataya- -2000 to -1
    • Kalikaya of Afunataya
      • Dam of Koryta
      • Dam of Usanal-Sanelik
    • Kalikaya of Ataya
      • SanDam of Ataya (Capital)
  • Elikaya of Dirdam
    • Kalikaya of Dirdam
      • Dam of Dirdam
      • Dam of Imesaya
  • Elikaya of Solante
    • Kalikaya of Omote
      • Dam of Omote
      • Dam of Usagil
      • Dam of Coris
    • Kalikaya of Okros
      • Dam of Ros
      • Dam of Rokusali

Izzass and Vulc Edit

  • Elikaya of Izzass et Vulc
    • Kalikaya of Onsizzass
      • Dam of Onsatla
      • Dam of Korosatla
    • Kalikaya of Esizzass
      • Dam of Kiriatla
      • Dam of Esatla
      • Dam of Usanaya
    • Kalikaya of Vulc
      • Dam of Omaross

Perocadh Peninsula Edit

  • Elikaya of Usaora
    • Kalikaya of Usaora
      • Dam of Usaora
      • Dam of Perora
      • Dam of Sumadam
    • Kalikaya of Aye-Imra
      • Dam of Imira
      • Dam of Aye
    • Kalikaya of Afunusaora
      • Dam of Kimtis
      • Dam of Seligo
  • Elikaya of Karatis
    • Kalikaya of Usanalaya
      • Dam of Usanalaya
      • Dam of Eskaratis
      • Dam of Radosaya
    • Kalikaya of Onsmanel
      • Dam of Onsrados
      • Rados of Onsmanel
  • Elikaya of Vunan
    • Kalikaya of Esvunan
      • Dam of Vunaya Sun
      • Dam of Sanesvun
    • Kalikaya of Onsvunan
      • Dam of Okfesa
      • Rados of Estocor
      • Dam of Depomarosim
  • Elikaya of Peroth
    • Kalikaya of Perothin
      • Dam of Peroth
      • Dam of Omushasim
      • Dam of Fosonen
    • Kalikaya of Afunperoth